ReTargeting Done Right

Marketers are faced with the challenge of optimizing to an immeasurable number of scenarios that constantly evolve. Yet most display advertising solutions drive advertisers to execute one-size-fits-all campaign strategies. We think that’s lame and don’t subscribe to that mindset. You shouldn’t either.

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  • Custom Solutions

    Whether you’re a Business-to-Business or Direct-to-Consumer organization, whether you’ve got in-house capabilities or you’re an Agency, your business and goals are unique, your display advertising should be too. Go beyond launching campaigns with tailored media strategies that differentiate you from your competitors.

  • Client Services & Optimization

    Acting as an extension of your marketing team, we drive results for our advertisers by providing them with a dedicated Account Manager that possess the EQ to understand their business and the IQ to optimize media.

  • Transparency & Reach

    Our commitment to transparency is serious. We want advertisers to know and have control over where your ads are serving. ReTargeter’s connectivity with the largest display inventory networks ensures we can provide transparency without limiting your scale.

  • Inventory Quality & Brand Safety

    You want your ads to be consumed by real people, not bots. ReTargeter leverages in-house and best-in-class partners which monitor every impression served for quality. We don’t stop there, our brand safety technology filters the content surrounding each impression in real-time with the specificity your brand’s online reputation deserves.

  • Viewability

    No one should pay for ads that people can’t see but many advertisers do. Interested in paying only for impressions that are viewable based on IAB standards? Let’s talk about vCPM pricing for your campaigns.


clicks driven to website over 3 month campaign


return on ad spend


total conversions
“We take great pride and enjoyment in supplying our awesome fans with the best gear available, while preparing them for unthinkable events that are all extremely possible (minus the Zombies…we hope). And in just a 3 month flight, the ReTargeter team was able to help boost sales, and introduce our amazing products to more fans.” — John Roman | Chief Marketing Officer | BattlBox —
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What is ReTargeting?

For most websites, only 2% of web traffic converts on the first visit. Retargeting is a tool designed to help companies reach the 98% of users who don’t convert right away. Our best-in-class technology helps keep brands top of mind to reach the remaining 98%.

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