Find new customers with Contextual Targeted Advertising  

Contextual Targeting uses machine learning to display your advertising on related webpages throughout the internet, attracting new audiences who are naturally interested in the topics of your campaign.

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Other Programmatic Advertising Solutions:

    • Site Retargeting – Deliver ads to your site visitors as they browse the web, ultimately driving conversions.
    • CRM Retargeting – Target ads online to an audience using your customer prospect list.
    • Search Retargeting – Target ads to customers who are using site search widgets around the web for more information about your product, service, or company.
    • Audience Targeting – Take the features and traits of your best converting visitors and apply them to prospecting campaigns, attracting new audiences who match your ideal customer profile.
    • Lookalike Modeling – Our machine learning technology looks at your ideal customer profile, identifies specific conversion signals, and uses that data to create new audience segments who convert like your best performing audiences.

One platform for all your programmatic advertising needs:

    • Single source reporting
    • White glove managed service for each client
    • Bespoke campaigns for individual client needs
    • Omni channel programmatic advertising spanning across mobile, native, display, video and audio to reach your audience wherever they are