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Clicks on retargeting ads
Clicks on retargeting ads
5,469 Click to Store Locator
1,531 Clicks for Truck Show Locator
Cost Per Acqusistion

Watters is the brainchild of designer Vatana Watters. For over 30 years, it has been the leader in offering luxurious designer bridal gowns, innovative bridesmaids dresses, classic special occasion dresses for mothers of the wedding, and adorable dresses for flower girls and junior bridesmaids around the world.

Selling primarily at trunk shows and in third-party retail stores, Watters partnered with ReTargeter to redirect recent shoppers and attract casual browsers back to the site.

With our company serving such a specific niche, it is even more important for us to cast a wide net to reach new shoppers, while continuing to re-engage those previously at the Watters site. ReTargeter has intricately worked side-by-side with our internal team, delivering the most innovative and smooth re-engagement experience for our shoppers. Their knowledge, skill, and expertise not only optimize our spend across all our campaigns, but uniquely give shoppers the information they need.

Tanya Watters
EVP Marketing & Communications

To reach the elusive HR buyer, Hireology primarily relies upon content marketing to drive inbound interest. The content team regularly puts out blogs, infographics, and ebooks. Traditionally, the HR industry has tended toward being conservative. Hireology stands out by producing fun, unique, and interesting content with a strong focus on great design.

Hireology’s content has helped establish their brand, and organic search is one of their top traffic-drivers. Content gets people to their site, but Hireology is focused on creating content that’s educational, not self-promotional. That’s where retargeting comes in. If someone comes to the Hireology blog simply to be educated, they’ll be served retargeted ads all over the web. This way, the content can focus on being educational and entertaining, and retargeting can do the selling.

Hireology also uses email retargeting to stay in front of prospective clients. If someone downloads a white paper or an ebook, they’ll be enrolled in an email nurture campaign. Email retargeting adds a sales approach that helps push people further down the funnel, allowing the marketing team to focus on creating great content.

Retargeting makes us look a lot bigger than we are. It helps get people comfortable and familiar with our brand. For the price we pay, it’s a great way to get our name out there in front of everyone. When someone’s on a big website and they see our ad, it creates a positive association that really helps build confidence in our brand.

Erin Borgerson
Marketing Coordinator
Direct ROI from Click - Through Conversions
Attributed ROI from View - Through Conversions
Total ROI from all Conversions

Over a one month period in September 2010, Zendesk’s ReTargeter campaign performed outstanding results with a total of 43 unique visitors who visiting their website, clicking on a ReTargeted banner ad, and converting immediately.

Furthermore, 364 additional unique visitors were influenced by a ReTargeted banner ad and converted without directly clicking on the banner ad. Lastly, within that one month period, Zendesk received an enormous branding value as their ads performed a .23% clickthrough rate

As a business that can have a multi-day buying cycle, ReTargeter allows us to keep our help desk software in the minds of our potential customers. ReTargeter has been a great addition to our marketing mix.

Jacob Meltzer
Online Marketing Manager
Clicks driven to website over a 3 month campaign
Click Through Rate
Return On Ad Spend
Total Conversions

BattlBox sends monthly packages of personally handpicked survival, tactical, and EDC items of the highest quality. Having amassed a large buying power early on, they are now delivering items to their customers at typically half of what their customers would pay if they bought them on their own.

Founded in February 2015, they armed themselves with an aggressive “Go To Market” strategy that helped them initially grow to over 6,000 customers in 9 months. Knowing they have an amazing product and wanting to continue their growth momentum, Battlbox turned to ReTargeter to help boost site re-engagement and drive traffic.

We take great pride and enjoyment in supplying our awesome fans with the best gear available, while preparing them for unthinkable events that are all extremely possible (minus the Zombies…we hope). And in just a 3 month flight, the ReTargeter team was able to help boost sales, and introduce our amazing products to more fans.

John Roman
Chief Marketing Officer

University of Florida’s Hough School of Business

3.3 Million
Total Impressions Served
Over Length of Campaign
Average Click-Through Rate
Over Length of Campaign
Total Number of Closed Leads
Over 2 Month Campaign

The University of Florida’s Hough School of Business has used ReTargeter to keep their messages in front of prospective students. In two months, they were able to serve 3.3 million impressions, receiving a 0.31% click-through rate.

Nathan Lowery of Lipof, the ad agency that handles the University of Florida’s marketing, has found retargeting to be an effective way to recapture interest and ultimately drive conversions. Prior to launching their retargeting campaign, Lipof had focused the lion’s share of the University’s budget on driving new traffic to the website, largely via direct ad buys on premium sites. However, while they were able to successfully drive new traffic to the UF site, getting that traffic to convert proved a challenge. ReTargeter has solved the problem by bringing qualified prospects back to their site, resulting in 59 closed leads over two months.

ReTargeter has worked as a great tool to communicate with prospects that we may not have captured the first time they visited our client's website. We spend a lot of effort initially pulling prospects to the UF site, and in the past we had no way to get our message in front of them again unless they specifically requested more information.

Sejal Badani
Marketing Manager at ad:tech

Valley Health System

New hires
Cost per hire
of hires were RNs

Since May of 2014, TMP Worldwide and Valley Health Systems partnered with ReTargeter to deliver active and passive candidates to the VHS Career Site. Leveraging intricate data and analytics, these campaigns optimized TMP VHS’s recruitment spend by serving targeted, timely display ads to the ideal candidates. The results were astonishing.

ReTargeter analyzes intricate website and page data pulled from the visits to the VHS Career Site page to serve recruitment ads to a very concentrated and appropriate audience. This ensures the efficiency and maximum return on these campaigns.

ReTargeter has produced amazing results, exceeding my expectations. Their efforts have produced the right candidates, and we are filling essential clinical positions that allow us to deliver better care to our patients.

Wayne Cassard
System Director, Human Resources The Valley Health System

Total Wine

Increase in Revenue Generated from Retargeting YOY
Average Click Through Rate
Lifetime Return On Ad Spend
Increase in Reach YOY

Total Wine is America’s largest independent retailer of fine wine, with over 130 superstores across the country. In addition to their brick and mortar locations, Total Wine runs a fast-growing eCommerce storefront.

Their digital marketing team enlisted the help of ReTargeter in the spring of 2014 and has continued to leverage retargeting as a proactive, long-term strategy to drive site traffic and online sales.

It’s been a really strong partnership from a business and analytics standpoint, and that’s what we’re really looking for; a solid partner dedicated to innovation.

Philip Fogleman
Director of Digital Marketing

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