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How B2B Content Marketers Can Drive Conversions

Content marketing has quickly established itself as a crucial component of SEO, demand gen, and community-building, particularly for B2B marketers. Great content, though it’s not easy to create, is one of the most effective ways of driving highly qualified traffic to your site. Once you’ve built a readership for your content, the next step is […]

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The Power of Pinterest for B2B Lead Generation

Having emerged as the social media darling of 2012, it’s time to invest some of your 2013 marketing resources into Pinterest. In addition to boasting the largest increase in unique visitors and time spent on-site over any other social network in 2012, Pinterest sent more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined, making it […]

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How to Use Retargeting for Lead Generation

Despite the misconception that retargeting is best left to ecommerce companies, targeted and retargeted display can be powerful lead sources for B2B companies. If you aren’t yet using display in your lead generation efforts, there is much to be gained from incorporating targeting and retargeting into your media mix. Like other B2B marketers (including the […]

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Four Ways Retargeting Can Work for B2B

There is a common misconception that retargeting is purely an ecommerce solution. This confusion may, in part, stem from the fact that the most common explanation for how retargeting works is the “Zappos example:” You visit Zappos, look at a pair of shoes, and after abandoning your purchase you begin to see shoe ads all […]

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Retargeting for Recruiters: How to Bring Job Seekers Back to Your Site

With quickly evolving HR technology, it’s faster and more efficient than ever for job seekers to find open positions, connect with recruiters, make connections with people in their network and apply for positions online. At the same time, recruiters can search for and reach out to more candidates more quickly and effectively than ever before. […]

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Successfully Retargeting Your B2B Conversion Funnel

Retargeting is an online advertising technology that focuses on bringing your website’s bounced visitors back to your website. Using retargeting, your ads will stay in front of your audience even when they’re browsing other sites. While it may seem like an effective B2C branding and sales generation tool on the surface, retargeting adds a lot […]

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Case Study: Hireology

Hireology is an HR software provider that helpscompanies make smarter hiring decisions. Byanalyzing the traits of high performing employees,Hireology can help companies find candidates thatare more likely to succeed in the long term. To reach the elusive HR buyer, Hireology primarily relies uponcontent marketing to drive inbound interest. The content teamregularly puts out blogs, infographics, […]

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