June 2013

Top 5 Articles of the Week – June 28, 2013

Islands in the Stream, That Is What We Are Search, email, and display continue to be significant channels for marketers with total digital ad spend at $37.13 billion, growing 13.9% year-over-year, according to eMarketer. Advertising in social streams, however, is poised to be the next big thing already valued at ~$4.5 billion and growing at 80 […]

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What You’re Missing By Not Using Retargeting

Did you know that about 90-98% of site visitors are simply not converting? Retargeting can keep you connected to that bounced traffic. With today’s long sales cycles and increasingly complex customer journeys, creating multiple touch points with prospects is essential to maximizing your marketing efforts and your ROI. When you don’t use retargeting, you miss […]

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New Facebook Ads and FBX: Everything You Need to Know

Since its IPO, Facebook has been regularly rolling out updates for advertisers. As Facebook has continued to expand its advertising offerings, the options for marketers have become increasingly complicated. With 27 ad unit offerings, many of which overlap, marketers are left confused as to the Facebook strategy that will be optimal and result in maximum […]

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Bootstrapping Your Startup: My Lessons Learned

As posted on the SmartBrief Leadership Blog: As an entrepreneur who bootstrapped my company, ReTargeter, with less than $50,000 in funding, I wanted to share some of my tips and lessons learned. Efficiency, values and community have served as the three pillars of our success — from bootstrapped beginnings to growing north of a $10 million […]

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Top 5 Articles of the Week – June 14, 2013

Study: Rich Media Ads Create More User Interaction Than Standard Banners Mobile proves a tough landscape for marketers. In an effort to address these challenges, the IAB has released Mobile Rising Stars Formats into their ad portfolio along with a study which shows that these formats outperform standard mobile banner ads. According to the IAB, […]

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ReTargeter Wins Digiday Award for Best Direct Response Campaign

San Francisco, CA — June 14, 2013 — ReTargeter, the leader in online display advertising and retargeting, today announced that it has won the Digiday Award for Best Direct Response Campaign, which recognizes excellence in a direct response campaign run on at least one or more digital platforms for the purpose of lead generation or […]

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Case Study: Hireology

Hireology is an HR software provider that helps companies make smarter hiring decisions. By analyzing the traits of high performing employees, Hireology can help companies find candidates that are more likely to succeed in the long term. To reach the elusive HR buyer, Hireology primarily relies upon content marketing to drive inbound interest. The content […]

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