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ReTargeter optimizes your ad spend with highly targeted, real time digital advertising solutions and the best account management in the industry.

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Agencies Wow your clients

Agencies get proven, highly effective RTB solutions for their clients and our commitment to white glove service.

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Marketers Target better than ever to get the competitive edge

Whether its re-engaging your Website visitors across our massive network or creating a targeted awareness campaign, we give you the tools you need to stay competitive.

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Products that Deliver.


Site-based retargeting enables you to show your ads to your Website visitors as they browse the web. Segment your audience intelligently and show targeted ads across 98% of Web.

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ReTargeter for Facebook (FBX) allows you to show your ads on Facebook to the users who have visited your site. Leverage the reach of the world’s largest social network!

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Optimize your marketing spend by serving targeted advertisements to people who have previously engaged with you online, whether they opened an email, visited your website, engaged with you on social media, searched for relevant keywords or simply signed up for email updates.

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