November 2010

ReTargeter’s Commitment to Social Advertising Runs Deep

  A note from the CEO ReTargeter is passionate about social media.  We’re excited about the new ways we’ve pioneered that help brands engage with their audience across the social web.  We know that fleshing out the combination of display retargeting and social media can create an unparalleled value for any brand, and we already […]

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ReTargeter And Movember Punch Cancer In The Face

Here at ReTargeter, we do not approve of cancer. We’ve decided to celebrate Movember by growing mustaches and retargeting cancer with punches to the face. Check out our Movember video below:

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Optimizing Your Display Ads For Retargeting

  This is the first part of our video series on conversion funnel optimization. We touch upon some quick and simple ways to increase your banner’s appeal to your audience. This is perfect for any small-to-medium sized business that is working on optimizing their conversion funnel for display ads or retargeting. Check out part 2: […]

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ReTargeter’s Social Retargeting Platform Transforms the World of Display Advertising, Delivers Massive ROI

  ReTargeter’s social retargeting platforms allow companies to promote their Facebook and Twitter presence to their audience, wherever they go on the web. Fan ReTargeting, RTEngage, and ReFollower make it easy for brands to integrate their social media presence with display advertising campaigns, increasing brand awareness and delivering increased ROI on display campaigns. This technology […]

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Using Retargeting to Enhance Your Value Perception

  The pricing page is one of your product’s most important selling points.  People interested in your product will look at it. However, if your value isn’t proposed or perceived well from your pricing page, you’re likely to lose potential customers.  Fortunately, ad retargeting is an invaluable tool and can help any SaaS brand convey […]

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Case Study – The Valley Health System

Millions of people in the world, but how do you find the right talent, at the right time, and for the right price? Since May of 2014, TMP Worldwide and Valley Health Systems partnered with ReTargeter to deliver active and passive candidates to the VHS Career Site. Leveraging intricate data and analytics, these campaigns optimized […]

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